When you get an HVAC installation with David L. Hall you also have the option to sign up for a preferred customer plan. This means that you have access to our preventative care maintenance as well as other benefits such as:

  • We can keep your HVAC System running at peak efficiency
  • You’ll benefit from preventing inconvenient and costly HVAC repair
  • The life on your equipment will be significantly extended
  • You will get the benefit of 24 hour emergency HVAC service and repair
  • You’ll receive 15% off of all repairs, and a 5% discount on system replacements.

We like to think of the preventative maintenance program as a loyalty program. We know that making a decision on which HVAC system to buy, and which HVAC repair service to use, can be a difficult one to make. We do our best to make it a simple one by offering our preventative maintenance, along side our skill and integrity.

If you’re interested in any of the HVAC services that we have to offer, or need a repair, or even just have some questions about our company, do not hesitate to call us.